Hollis Katana 2 Sidemount System


The answer to the evolving minimalist, low profile and modular sidemount category.

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The Hollis Katana 2 is designed for the dedicated sidemount diver and every configuration imaginable, from warm water to cold, wet to dry, steel to aluminum tanks, open circuit to sidemount CCR. The Katana 2 is the answer to the evolving minimalist, low profile and modular sidemount category. Easy to adjust and customize to your preferences.

The Hollis Katana 2 comes set up with 8 well-placed D-rings and 2 buffer D-rings: one on each shoulder, one on each hip/shoulder strap connection, two rear rings, one on either side, two on the crotch strap, and two extra D-rings to place where you want.

Except for the two D-rings on the back, the other D-rings of the Katana 2 can be moved or removed, giving you the ability to fine-tune your setup just the way you like it.


Increased lift capacity to 40lbs, Increased weight capacity to 15lbs
Removal of “belly band” design to retain the wing and keep the lift closer to the diver and central to the weight of the tanks without the turtle shell effect found on other products
One-size-fits-all harness design
“H” or “Y” style harness configuration options available with the same harness
Includes new attachment points for canister lights and accessories
Two dump valves – one top and one bottom
Single bladder ideal for recreational sidemount or divers who use a drysuit for redundancy
Dual bladder ideal for technical dives using a wetsuit
Increased lift capacity ideal for cold water diving with multiple tanks while still maintaining a low profile
Increased weight capacity for even colder water diving using a drysuit and heavy undergarments
Oversized lower rails for easy attachment of tanks while using gloves or diving with multiple cylinders
Flexible rear plate adds protection from cuts or abrasion from overhead
Closed Circuit Sidemount capability, with integrated mounts for the popular KISS sidewinder

Optional add-ons: Sidemount Rigging Kit.

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