Lavaskin Women Board Shorts


These comfy and cute bottoms are perfect for flaunting at the beach, pool, or lake. The perfect match for the new Lavaskin Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Tops.


LavaSkin Women Board Shorts


Spend a lot of time in the water?

Lavacore’s new Lavaskin provides UPF 50+, Abrasion Protection, a Super Comfortable Fit and a Great-Look. Lavacore’s New-Series of Intermediate Thermal Protection Garments offer the same Great-Range-of-Motion as a Traditional Lycra Rash Guard but with More-Warmth and Durability.
These Neutrally Buoyant Garments are a Durable Water Repellent Design with Hypo-Allergenic Properties. The Super-Comfortable 4-Way Stretch and Advanced Thermal Material is Designed-Specifically for Sun Protection, Performance, and Comfort. It protects the user from Rashes caused by Abrasion, or Sunburn from extended exposure to UV Rays.
The Lavaskin’s OUTER LAYER is Flexible, Durable and Water Repellent Layer facilitates Fast-Water Run-Off and Quick-Drying. The INNER LAYER is a Warm, Moisture Wicking and Anti-Bacterial Fleece Lining that Feels-Good-on-your-Skin and helps to Support your Core Warmth Above-and-Below-the-Surface.
The LavaSkin Women Board Shorts has Flat-Lock Stitched Seams for Comfort when warn for Layering under an Exposure Suit.


Outer Layer

Flexible, durable and water repellant outer layer facilitates fast water run-off and quick drying. UPF 50+

Inner Layer

Warm, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial inner fleece lining feels good on your skin and helps to support your core warmth above and below the surface.

Neutrally Buoyant
UPF 50+
DWF – Durable Water Repellent
Boy Short Cut
Side Tie for Comfort on the Board
Match them with the Lavaskin Shirts.
Super Comfortable 4-way Stretch

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Size Chart

20 – 23
51 – 58
29 – 33
73 – 84
22 – 25
56 – 63
31 – 35
78 – 89
24 – 27
61 – 68
33 – 37
84 – 94
26 – 29
66 – 73
35 – 39
89 – 99
28 – 31
71 – 78
37 – 41
94 – 104
30 – 33
76 – 84
39 – 43
99 – 109


We want you to get the best out of your new Lavacore product, a few simple tips will ensure that your garment will provide many years of use.

Care should be taken when donning and doffing your garment. Be careful not to unduly snag or stress your garment, it should easily slide on and off.
Do not machine wash.
Hand wash in cool water after each use.
Do not tumble dry.
Avoid contact with Velcro.
To dry – hang your garment inside out, on a padded plastic or wooden hanger and away from direct sunlight.
Avoid storing Lavacore product folded, instead store on a padded hanger or flat.
Zippers and sliders should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. It is advisable to lubricate regularly with a suitable wax.


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