Oceanic Swiv MaxDepth Gauge Console


Modular flexibility. The Oceanic Swiv MaxDepth gauge is still one of the most dependable instruments around for divers who are just starting out or don't feel they need the advanced features of a Personal Dive Computer just yet. But don't worry, Oceanic's modular gauge design allows you to easily swap out the depth gauge module with a PDC as your needs change and your experience grows.

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Oceanic Swiv MaxDepth Gauge


Oceanic Swiv MaxDepth: Modular flexibility.

Oceanic’s modular gauge design allows you to easily swap out the depth gauge module with a PDC as your needs change and your experience grows.


Pressure Gauge


The Pressure Gauge has a Shock Resistant Bourdon Tube Mechanism and is equipped with a Temperature Gauge. Both the Pressure and Temperature Gauge Needles Tips are colored Bright Red for easy reading. It has a 0 to 400 bars Readout with a Safety Reserve 0 to 50 bars Color Coded in Red allowing the diver to know that they are low on air. The Pressure Gauge also has a Yellow Color Coded Caution Zone from 50 to 100 bars for Deeper Dive Reserve Requirements and a Green Color Code Zone from 100 to 400 bars.


Swiv MaxDepth Gauge


The Oceanic Swiv MaxDepth Gauge is equipped with Maximum Depth Indicator Needle which will mark your deepest depth reached on a dive. This feature is helpful when logging dive information. The Depth Gauge is Color Coded for easy and safe reading at a glance. It has a 0 to 60 meter Readout with Safety Red Color Coded Indicators at 0 and 3 meters for Safety Stops and for Depths beyond the Sport Diving Limits from 30 to 60 meters the background is Color Coded in Red. To further increase Safe Diving Practices, the background of the Depths from 0 to 18 meters is Color Coded in Green with a Yellow Caution Zone from 18 to 30 meters.




The design team at Oceanic may have designed the best Liquid Filled Compass available today with a list of features as functional and convenient as every instrument that bears the Oceanic name.


The OceanGlo Luminous Dial of the Sidescan is designed with a Half Black / Half Luminous Graphic to make quick work of compass direction, especially in dim light. The dial rests on a Precision Jeweled Bearing and incorporates extremely Strong Magnets for super quick response and accuracy. The Compass Bezel has compass headings in 30 degrees numbered increments and indicator marks for every 10 degrees. Bezel has twin heading indicators for alignment of compass course, and a lubber line across the compass face.

  Non-linear depth scale is easier to read in shallow depths, and makes it much easier to maintain safety stop depths
  OceanGlo® luminescent gauge face absorbs light and glows approximately 7 times faster and longer than conventional glow-in-the-dark materials
  200′ / 60m maximum depth reading
  Automatic maximum depth indicator


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