Problue Tiara Pro Mask – Asian Fit


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The Problue Tiara Pro mask features a high quality silicone with double feather edge skirting with a new adjustable button release system, making adjustments in size significantly easier than systems used on other masks.

The flexible buckle system swivels with facial movements to help absorb shock, reducing the risk of buckle breakage. It also features tapered silicone grooves adjacent to the nose to make equalization effortless.

The Problue Tiara Pro Asian-fit Mask has a face seal specially designed for Asian divers.

A super low volume with excellent wide field of vision.


Liquid silicone double feather-edge facial skirt is enhanced comfort and perfect fitting.
Tempered glass & flexible buckle system attachment swivels with facial movements absorb shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask is bumped.
Push-button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment.
Unique and patented tri-colors accent frame design.
Special designed face seal for Asian divers.


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