Hollis Solo Harness System (Hogarthian-Style)


Designed to meet all the needs of demanding technical divers, the Hollis Solo Harness System is clean, simple, and foolproof!

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Hollis Solo Harness (Hogarthian)


The Hollis Solo Harness System is designed to meet all the needs of Demanding Technical Divers; the Solo Harness System is Clean, Simple, and Foolproof!


The Solo’s Streamlined Design Enhances Comfort with Less Drag.


The Solo Harness uses a single piece of two-inch webbing to make up this simple diving harness. By using a single piece of webbing the risk of component failure is all but eliminated as there are no quick release buckles that could break or be accidentally undone.


The Hollis Solo includes the webbing, four pre-bent and three standard stainless steel D-rings, two shoulder pads, stainless steel tri-sliders, stainless steel buckle, rubber loops, and two-inch webbing crotch strap with standard stainless steel D-ring and tri-slider. The Solo Harness System weighs 16oz (450g).


Back-Plate sold separately: Aluminum or Stainless Steel options available.


  Streamlined design enhances comfort with less drag
  Continuous one piece harness system limits failure potential
  Stainless steel D-rings and cam buckle included
  Removable shoulder pads accept stainless steel D-rings
  Backplate sold separately
  System weight (harness only): 1 lb (0.45 kg)
  Solo Harness: One Size, Trim To Fit


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